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Dr. Dobin and his staff are SO kind and professional! The first thing that you will notice is that their office is modern, clean and high end.  To say that I was nervous is probably an understatement.  I have had some very bad dental experiences but Dr. Dobin and his staff were very comforting and made sure that I was always doing ok.  He made sure that the procedure was painless.  He  is extremely gifted and skilled in what he does.  He is also extremely kind and calm which helps the patient feel like they are in skilled hands.  I can't thank Dr. Dobin and his staff for a perfect root canal...THANK YOU!!!

I was referred to Dr. Dobin by my regular dentist for the infection I had around one of my teeth.
Honestly, I didn't anticipated such a level of sophistication in Brentwood area.
This office has all latest instruments needed to assist an endodontist in making the right
decision, even C-scan machine.
Making an appointment wasn't a problem and the doctor is highly qualified professional.
The office handled post-visit paperwork extremely fast and according to my wishes.
Definitely recommend for those who need such specialist!

I was welcomed by a very professional staff once I walked in for my appt. Dr. Dobin & his staff have the highest of standards of making you feel comfortable and realizing they're the best at what they do. From start to finish was a pleasant and very polite visit as they used their expertise to execute the issue I was there for. I would recommend them to anyone before anyone else and I will be staying a dedicated customer for all future needs.

Dr Dobin and his staff are so wonderful! Nobody enjoys getting a root canal but they actually make it super comfortable. Not to mention it was completely painless. I love that Dr Dobin says things like, "just keep moving forward, no sense in going back".  I will definitely always come to him for procedures. Sylvia, his assistant was just as wonderful. She calmed my nerves immediately. She is extremely professional and it is clear she truly cares for the patients! This place is all around great!

Went in for a root canal  very apprehensive of What was to happen, and WOULD IT HURT. Hour and a half later was done and on my way home, with no pain to speak of, and written instruction as to follow up care. Made it through the night with minimal pain to none, and wondered what to eat! Follow up phone call to put me further at ease was very helpful.  State of the art equipment was impressive, and with help from dental insurance, was very affordable. Hopefully I never have to visit again, but should I have a need, would ask for Dr. Dobin and staff again.

This was my first time visiting Dr. Dobin for a root canal. I've had 3 prior to this visit. First of all, I can't say enough about the office staff. They treat you like you're family. I love that I was able to fill out my medical history online which saved me 30 minutes on my appointment. The staff called me to double check my appointment, and even called me the next day to see how I was doing!

Dr. Dobin is amazing! He and his assistant Sylvia work very well together. The thing that sets Dr. Dobin apart from other endodontist is that he uses a microscope. With the microscope, he was able to drill precisely, which took less time to get to the "root of the problem. Overall, my experience with Diablo View Edodontics was great! If you ever need a root canal, I highly recommend Dr. Dobin and his staff!

This is the best Endodontics office in the world!!!

First off its super clean and clear of clutter. The ambiance is inviting and the music quite relaxing (had me near falling asleep before even going in to the exam room!).

All staff was very kind and friendly. The biggest wow to me was how wonderful Dr. Dobin was in explaining everything to me. He was clear and detailed and STILL left room for any questions I may have had. I was left feeling very well informed and in zero pain. I was suffering from "internal resorption on a previous root canal" due likely to trauma from my nighttime teeth clenching habits (TMI right?). His assistant was great as well. Look, the entire experience left me feeling very grateful for the attention and delicate care I received.

As good as a root canal gets. They were great at getting me into the schedule early.

I have had gum/tooth symptoms brewing for about 6 months resulting in several trips to regular dentist who was unable to solve my problem.  Ended up in extreme pain for several weeks,  was referred to Diablo View Endodontics yesterday.  Seen by David Dobin and - cured!  No pain, no problems.  He diagnosed a difficult issue and provided the solution the same day.  I could not be happier.  Staff was very friendly and accommodating, explaining everything.  No wait time, no rushing.  If you need ANY kind for endodontic work or have a difficult tooth/root problem - go see him, you will not be disappointed.  Thank you so much David Dobin and staff.  I am one happy camper!

What an amazing root canal expierence!!!!
I've always had a weird fear of dentist but man from the moment I walked into the door Nothing but good feelings of great customer service. The receptionist Shelley got me in earlier than expected luckily because I was starting to get in a lot of pain.  Dr.Dobin and his super sweet assistant sylvia were very professional and worked very well together from start to finish on my root canal. I highly recommend if you need a root canal this is the best place to come. The drive from Livermore to Brentwood was well worth the expierence.

I was referred to Dr Tobin when I went looking for a 2nd opinion on a tooth I was told was going to need extraction. Thankfully Dr Tobin was able to perform the root canal I needed and save the tooth. YAY!

Diablo View Endodontics has a clean, welcoming office. The staff is friendly, personable and professional. Dr Tobin and Leslie, who assisted, kept me informed and comfortable throughout the procedure. I was anxious because I had already been to 2 dentists and one other endodontist but they helped me to relax. This was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had.  

I would definitely return to this office and would highly recommend them to others. A+++

I visited Dr Dobin as a referral from my dentist for my first root canal.  I can't emphasize how professional and caring everyone was to me, in particular Sylvia and Dr Dobin, not to forget Shelly and the rest of the front office team!

The entire procedure was completely painless.  I would highly recommend Dr Dobin to anyone hoping for a great experience!

Dr Dobin
1140 2nd st. St b
Brentwood 925-240-8111

Dr. Dobins office is located on 1140 2nd St. suite B in Brentwood.

I came in for an emergency root canal and was immediately greeted by Shelly.

She proactively assisted me in filling out the patient form on her iPad. Her goal was to get me right in to see the doctor which I appreciated specially the condition that I was in.
No more handwriting answers on paper questionnaires!

I was impress with their technology.
Helen then greeted me with a warm smile and brought me back to a room. She asked me to point out the tooth that was bothering me. She carefully prepared the X-ray machine and explained to me every step of the process. We had a great chat about current affairs while waiting for Dr. Dobin.

Dr. Dobin came in and introduced himself and reviewed the X-rays Helen took. He then performed warm and cold test on my sensitive tooth and provided me with what I should expect during the tests. No surprises on this one. I have to admit I was a bit nervous.

He then explained what the problem was in detail along with the options I had as a patient.
After understanding this, Helen took over and had me read the disclosure on a fancy cool monitor. I was blown away with the technology they had.
We started the root canal and in no time I was done! Painless, comfortable, relaxed and happy.
According to Dr. Dobin it's fun doing his work now with the new technology. "Just bigger boys with bigger toys"

I remember being afraid of going to the dentist but with all the cool gadgets they had in this office, my visit was a pleasant one. The music playing in the background was relaxing too.

Very professional business people. Everything was explained to me in detail. The partnership and teamwork displayed in the front office to the back office was amazing! If you are looking for work done, please see Dr. Dobin and his team!

I just received a re-treatment by Dr Dobin on an old root canal (done by a different Dr. a few years ago). I am a high anxiety patient, yet I felt so relaxed and comforted through out the entire process today. Dr. Dobin and his wonderful staff made the experience very easy and relaxing through out the entire process. I felt in very good hands being treated at Diablo View :) I would highly recommend them!

Let me start by saying, I'm not a rookie when it comes to dental procedures so I knew what to expect.  Dr.Dobin and his entire staff are exceptional! Shelly and the front desk staff treated me like family from the moment I walked through the door.  The office is beautiful and has comfortable atmosphere.  A big "thank you" to Dr. Dobin and Sylvia for taking care of my difficult root canal in no time.  
Hopefully, I will not have to visit again...
If you are need of a Endodontics procedure, I highly recommend Diablo View Endodontics!

I could have taken a nap yesterday while Dr. Dobin was doing a root canal that is how gentle he was.
I loved his staff. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.
I look forward to my next root canal (if I ever need another).

Dr. Dobin was called for an emergency visit from my dentist. Although he was booked that day, he had me come in for an evaluation. Having symptoms of a dying tooth and the fact that I was flying out for vacation , he said he couldn't let me leave without doing the root canal first as it would not be a good situation if it became worse. I was anxious because this was my first one! He and his staff put me at ease, stayed late to complete the root canalIt all went well.
Thank you Dr. Dobin

Dr Dobin and the staff were absolutely amazing.  I am someone who is deathly afraid of the dentist so when I learned I needed a root canal, that fear doubled.
I never once felt anything; the procedure was over before I knew it. I never experienced any pain or had to take any pain medication other than what they gave me once the procedure was over.
I highly recommend Dr. Dobin should you need a root canal!!!

Dr. Dobin and his staff are the best you will ever
find. I had a massive infection and needed surgery. I  was extremely nervous but Dr. Dobin and staff made the entire experience so easy. I've also had 3
root canals done here. I would highly recommend Dr. Dobin to family and friends.

Until today I was absolutely terrified of the dentist and the idea of having to get a root canal and because of that fear anytime I've gotten a toothache I would get that tooth pulled, but after going to see Dr. Dobin I have three words to say about the overall experience...


There was no pain(aside what I had created in my head). I initially requested nitrous to help me relax, but by the time I finished talking to Leslie and Dr. Dobin I didn't need it. Professional top notch staff!!!
Shout out to Shellie!