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CityCash PatientsWith Insurance
San Jose$50Free Checkup
Mountain View$100Free Checkup
San Francisco$112Free Checkup
CityCash PatientsWith Insurance
San Jose$50Free Cleaning
Mountain View$150Free Cleaning
San Francisco$388Free Cleaning

Affordable Procedures

Dental procedures don't have to be expensive. Tell us what you are looking for and we can handle the rest - from providing you comparative prices to actually booking an appointment.

All Procedures Handled

Be it tooth cavity, teeth extraction, teeth bonding, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth, surgery, fake teeth, osseous, dental sealants, teeth cleaning, mouth guard or any other procedure. We can find a dentist to take care of you.

Compare clinics across Bay Area

Whatever your needs might be, we can talk to dentists across the bay area and find you the best prices for dental procedures, with doctors you can trust.